I collaborated with ​Toblerone for its Fly Fearless Campaign which promotes creativity by encouraging everyone to be bold and imaginative. In order to do this, I created two new limited edition artistic sleeves/packaging that was made available for purchase in leading supermarkets last Christmas and Valentines seasons. 

This iconic global brand of chocolates encourages each one to #BeMoreImaginative.

Christmas Limited Edition Sleeve

The story behind my inspiration goes all the way to my childhood memories.
Since I was a boy, the holiday season has filled my spirit with happiness and positive vibes and I wanted to represent those feelings creating a set of characters with personality and vibrant colors. For me, Christmas time is a season to share and enjoy with family, keeping alive traditions that bring us together and help us start a new year with happy thoughts. 

Valentine's Day Limited Edition Sleeve

With the Valentine's Day sleeves, I wanted to express a connection with nature with a romantic artwork, that also can be shared with that special person on your life. 
Please see the creative process and some alternative options to the artwork.