This project was an incredible opportunity to grow as an artist and as a designer. I had the chance to create nine completely different artworks, try awesome, new quality Sharpie products and work over different surfaces making me take on the challenge to adapt my illustrations to new styles and working techniques.

Sharpie markers have been the tool of choice for coloring my artworks since way back in college because I really like the vibrant colors they have to offer and after this experience, Sharpie's quality reminded me why I stand with the brand.

Thank you so much Sharpie for noticing and appreciating my work and inviting me to be
part of this great experience.
Stop wishing.
Start doing
I wanted to finalize my Sharpie Squad adventure with a message that is also a new year resolution. "Stop wishing, Start doing" is an open invitation to start the new year with a mentality of doing more of the things you love and make your dreams become a reality and not just cross your arms wishing for them to happen.

Remember that dreams become a reality in the same way you work to make them happen and that dreams without a goal are just wishes. Start today, focus on the things you really want and set realistic goals in order to achieve them.

Be honest with yourself, work hard and enjoy the ride.
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Find your Fire
Finding your fire is a commitment to yourself.

It is the moment when you find what you really love and start feeling that passion that drives your life.

Put your curiosity to work, your best effort into anything you do and unleash the fire to become the best version of yourself.
Do Epic Art
Art is not only a way to express your ideas.
It is a lifestyle!

Follow your instincts, think outside the box and put all your passion for creating the things you enjoy.

Open your mind to a bigger picture and do your thing with all your heart. Start small, Go Big, Grow Bigger. Epic will come with time, dedication and hard work.
Live to express not to impress
Live to express is an invitation to give a true meaning to your ideas and to go beyond the superficiality of looks and trends. When you share your real thoughts with people around you they will appreciate your honesty and your courage to express your true feelings.

Be brave and express your real self. 
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Break the Trend
Break the Trend is a message that resonates heavily with me. I feel like this message is an invitation to open the door to creativity and steer away from repetition.

The message is a challenge to give your own twist and point of view and not just repeat the same look somebody else had the courage to create.

Be free, be unique. Break the Trend! 
Success it's not
for the lazy ones

It’s pretty simple. Lazy people point the finger at others and make excuses for why things didn't go the way they wanted to. Instead, successful people go out there and face the world and the obstacles life throws their way.

With dedication, perseverance, sacrifice and love for what you do, success will come your way sooner than later. Just keep in mind that success doesn’t happen by accident or by mistake. It happens to those who work hard to make it reality. It’s not going to be easy but I have no doubt it will be worthy.
Conquer from
My newest artwork for the Sharpie Squad program.

Conquer from within is a reminder that your power and self-worth start from deep inside you, and you are not subject to whatever people think about you.

Conquer means to overcome and take control of every passion, inspiration or idea inside of you and it’s your job to take care of it and grow it into a tool to help you achieve your goals in life. It’s time for you to conquer any obstacles and go after your dreams.
Speak your Damn Mind 
For me, one of the most important aspects of life in society is the opportunity we have to express our ideas.

Speaking your mind is the best way to let people know your unique point of view. It is also a key to open doors in life, and the best tool you have to help you achieve your goals and dreams.
I like this sentence because is a short but straightforward message to remind people that if you stay silent, someone else will speak for you and your voice is not going to be heard.

Don't be Invisible... Speak your damn mind because your voice matters!
Be a voice
not an echo 
Are you giving to the world your true point of view, or are you just repeating what you heard or what you find to be the most convenient or popular?

Granted nothing is truly original, but that doesn't mean you can't have your own particular point of view about the world.

Take control of your life by expressing your own unique ideas and become that person you really want to be.

Be your own voice, let others echo you.